My iOS 7 Beta Review

So I have been working with iOS 7 this week and my first thoughts are I like it mostly.

There are a few things that bother me about it (such as the ugly icons which will be changed), the animations are quite slow, and I have found quite a few bugs.

with that said I am enjoying the new look and I am really enjoying redesigning our app to match the new style. There are lots of little animations and features that make me like it.

I do know this is only a Beta version and that it will be better when they release the fully baked version later this year.

Overall I give iOS 7 an 8/10.

2013-06-13 14.43.582013-06-13 14.44.062013-06-13 14.44.182013-06-13 14.44.242013-06-13 15.25.332013-06-14 10.25.58    


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