Marsh Hand Drawn Font



Marsh is my new font that is now available for just $9. It was made by hand with a brush pen! Get it here. 


Vectorize your Hand Drawn Goods + 20 Illustrator Brushes

Well it has been a long time since my last post but I want to start blogging again.

I have recently gotten involved in a website called Creative Market and it has been really fun making products to sell on there. Go check out my items for sale there if you want. I think they are cool.

Anyways this post is to highlight my newest product which is Vectorize your Hand Drawn Goods + 20 Illustrator Brushes. What it does is it takes your hand drawn goodies and turns them into vectors in seconds. It is a super useful and handy tool to have. I use it alllllllll the time. So go check it out!

vetorize1 vetorize2 vetorize3 vetorize4 vetorize5

Jungle Parallax

Here’s my latest work from my motion graphics class. It is only 8 seconds but I bet I put in somewhere around 16 hours into making it because I drew everything that you see there and had to make the animation work well. I am super happy with how it turned out!